Works for Stage:

Switch. 2015. 96′
A Chamber Opera-Theater Piece in One Act.
For Soprano, Baritone, Flute(s), Clarinet(s), Cello and Percussion.
Commissioned by Le Laboratoire, Cambridge.

Orchestral and Chamber Ensemble Works:

Atmospheric Tremors. 2013. 10′
For Chamber Orchestra
Commissioned by Sound Icon. Jeffrey Means, conductor

• Translucent Windows. 2012. 12′
For Wind Ensemble
Commissioned by the Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble; Eric Hewitt, Conductor.

Flight out of Mind. 2012. 30′
For Chamber Orchestra.
Commissioned by Sound Icon. Jeffrey Means, conductor

Aura. 2013. 10′
for alto saxophone solo with flute/alto/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano for the Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation.

Stillness and Change. 2010. 12′
for flute/alto/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano and percussion
Matthias Pintscher, conductor. Ecce ensemble. May 5th, 2010. Tenri Cultural Institute.

Songs from the Wild Iris. 2010. 25’
For soprano, violin, clarinet, cello and percussion.
Premiere: Ecce Ensemble, Matthias Pintscher, conductor.


Chamber Works For Smaller Ensembles:

Mercury. 2014. 8′
For violin, cello, flute and clarinet.
Premiered by the Ecce Ensemble. Yoshi Onishi, conductor.

I Saw My Life Go By in the Coyote’s Jaws. 2013. 5′
For soprano, violin, cello, oboe and clarinet.
Performed by Ecce Ensemble, Jeffrey Means, conductor.

Flux, Ripple, Flutter. 2013 (rev. ’15). 14′. 
For Piano.
Premiered by Nolan Pearson at Istanbul Technical University.
US Premiere by Julia Den Boer at Le Laboratoire, Cambridge.

Ephemera. 2014. 7′. 
For Clarinet and Cello.
Premiered by Vasko Dukovski and Serafim Smigelskiy.
DiMenna Center, New York, NY.

Arachne. 2014. 8′
For violin, viola and cello.
Premiered by Sound Energy.
Equilibrium Series. Cambridge, MA

The Undulations of Water. 2007. 5′
For Flute, Cello, and Percussion (Marimba, Vibraphone and Crotales)
Premiered by the Ecce Ensemble at the American Composers’ Forum
Washington DC. April 12th, 2007.

Compulsive Loves. 2011. 9′
For alto saxophone and piano.
Commissioned by Open Space to Commemorate Milton Babbitt

Images of Departure. 2009. 15′
For viola and piano.
Commissioned and dedicated to Mark Berger.
Premiered by Mark Berger and Ketty Nez, piano.

Functions of Consciousness. 2006. 6′
For clarinet, violin, cello and piano.
Dedicated to The New York New Music Ensemble.

Two Postcards. 2005. 6′
For piano solo
Dedicated to and premiered by Karina Sabac.

Dragonfly. 2003. 10′
for cello and piano
Dedicated to and premiered by Joshua Gordon.
Winner of the 2008 International Society of Contemporary Music Prize.


Works with Electronics

Improvisations with Electronics