Two Postcards. 2005. 6′
For piano solo
Dedicated to Karina Sabac
Premiere: Slosberg Hall, Brandeis University, November 6th, 2005






These two short piano pieces were written for pianist Karina Sabac. The first I wrote as a kind of exercise. It’s mercurial and a little erratic, mixing fragments of dance rhythms into a highly chromatic harmonic landscape. As a postcard, perhaps it shares the excitement of being away. The second card, is more somber and takes its title from a line in Joseph Duemer’s poem, “For Wittgenstein”. As a postcard, perhaps this piece is about the sadness of parting. Even though the two works are different in character and style, they belong together for me. Two pieces inspired by my friendship with Karina and my admiration of her musicianship.