Don Berman performing Flux, Ripple, Flutter. Distler Hall at Tufts University

Angelus. Filmed at the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Filming the recording of Arachne at Mechanics Hall. Jennifer Choi, violin; Ashleigh Gordon, viola; John Popham, cello

Excerpts from Switch, featuring Amanda DeBoer Bartlett. You can see the full opera and view more at

Performing Sliding Scales, by David Rakowski.

Tufts University. September 25th, 2007
So many notes!

Performing Chorale Fantasy, by David Rakowski
Tufts University. September 25th, 2007
I love Davy’s music! This one was a bit easier than Sliding Scales…

Performing Quantitäten, by Bo Nillson.
Paul Hall, Juilliard. November 17th, 2006
This is a kind of wild, little known, Darmstadt School composer. A theatrical piece, though technically a bit much!