2019. 15′
flute (bass flute / piccolo), oboe, clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, viola, cello, piano.

Premiered by Ecce Ensemble. Oliver Hagen, conductor.

Program Note:
Ananke is the primordial goddess of necessity, compulsion and inevitability. In the Orphic myth, she emerged self-formed at the dawn of creation and, with Chronos, formed the universe and the eternal passage of time.

“And there were another three who sat round about at equal intervals, each one on her throne, the Fates, daughters of Ananke, clad in white vestments, Lakhesis, and Klotho, and Atropos, who sang in unison with the music of the Sirens, Lakhesis singing the things that were, Klotho the things that are, and Atropos the things that are to be”.

– Plato. The Republic.