The Etchings Festival, 2011

The 2011 Etchings Festival began on June 26th. I flew out to Auvillar, France a few days early to set everything up and welcome our guests and participants. We have some extremely talented participants this year and two amazing guest composers: Lee Hyla and Stefano Gervasoni.

A special treat this year is that the Executive Director of the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, Suny Monk, is in Auvillar with us. Suny’s presence at the festival is wonderful–she is a true artist with great vision and we are so happy to be collaborating with her and the VCCA! Our concerts, as always, are taking place at the Chapelle St. Catherine du Port, just a short walk up from the Garonne River. A truly spectacular 14th Century chapel with a unique acoustic thanks to some recent renovations. It’s an awe inspiring venue for our performers, composers and all the villagers who support us at each concert.

Auvillar is a unique community and I feel honored that we can share our work here. Below are some pictures of our masterclasses and the first concert of the festival. I’m back at Tanglewood now, but the Etchings Festival continues, and I miss everyone there very much!!