A Great Performance at FCC!

Thanks to Mary Joy Patchett and John McDonald for a great performance of Compulsive Loves last Tuesday at the French Cultural Center. ECCE also gave amazing performances of Gerard Grisey’s Talea and Philippe Hurel’s Pour Luigi. Take a look at the pictures.

New Commission to Honor Milton Babbitt

I was honored when Perspectives of New Music asked me to compose a work for a special edition celebrating the life and work of Milton Babbitt. I chose to compose a work based on Babbitt’s Whirled Series. My new work, also for alto saxophone and piano, was recorded this past September by Mary Joy Patchett and John McDonald. The title, Compulsive Loves, comes from a beautiful quote by Italo Calvino describing the relationship of gods and humans in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

SCORE (pdf)