Last Days at the Radcliffe Institute

This year has been an amazing year at Harvard! Being on sabbatical and in such a fascinating environment has transformed my music and changed my life. I’m thankful to all the wonderful people at the Radcliffe Institute for giving me the time to compose all year and the permission to play with all that Harvard has to offer!

Fellow Benny Shilo took these going away photos. Thanks Benny!

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New Commission to Honor Milton Babbitt

I was honored when Perspectives of New Music asked me to compose a work for a special edition celebrating the life and work of Milton Babbitt. I chose to compose a work based on Babbitt’s Whirled Series. My new work, also for alto saxophone and piano, was recorded this past September by Mary Joy Patchett and John McDonald. The title, Compulsive Loves, comes from a beautiful quote by Italo Calvino describing the relationship of gods and humans in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

SCORE (pdf)

Stillness and Change

My Debut Album, Stillness and Change is now available on Albany Records! Thanks to all those who contributed to this work! On October 26th, we will have a CD release event at the Radcliffe Institute, where I will be a fellow for the 2011-12 year. Stay tuned for more details about that event!

Koussevitzky Foundation

I just heard that I have been awarded a commission from the Koussevitzky Foundation to compose a work for the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society! What great news. Thanks to Brian Fennelly and Louis Karchin for all their support in sponsoring our application! This award comes at an amazing time since I am a fellow at Tanglewood this summer and Serge Koussevitzky founded the festival.

Tanglewood, Week 6

Some excellent performances of composer fellow works here over the past few weeks. My work Images of Departure was expertly performed by Derek Mosloff, viola and Nolan Pearson, piano. Two amazing players! Below are a few quick after-performance pictures.