• October 15th, 2018.
    Tierkreis. Outpost 182. Cambridge. 8pm
  • October 19th, 2018.
    Tierkreis. Scholes Studio. New York. 8pm.
  • September 7, 2018.
    White Rush. An operetta. Laine Rettmer, Director. Area Gallery. Boston. 8pm.


  • April 19th. 8PM
    Narcissus. (World Premiere)
    Roulette. 509 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY.



  • June 13th. 8PM.
    Flux, Ripple Flutter.
    Pickman Hall. Longy School of Music. Cambridge, MA.
    Don Berman, piano.


  • June 30 – July 7
    The Etching Festival.
    Teaching and performances of selected works.
    Ecce Ensemble. Jean-Philippe Wurtz, conductor.