Premiere at Harvard

Thanks to all who made possible such a beautiful event at Harvard last Tuesday! Below, you can hear the piece and read the text and program note. For all interested, I highly recommend the poetry of Dean Young. His work is full of music!

I Saw My Life Go By in the Coyote’s Jaws

Sharon Harms, soprano; Camila Barrientos, clarinet; Hassan Anderson, oboe;
Yohanan Chendler, violin; Serafim Smigelskiy, cello

Jeffrey Means, conductor


Much of Dean Young’s poetry finds moments of inspiration in the mundane. The voices in Young’s poems struggle with daily life and are often caught off guard by the epiphanies it can reveal. Young’s character’s marvel at the idiosyncratic passage of time, similar to the way music has the ability to change our temporal perception. Young’s play with words and striking contrasts also lend his work to musical interpretations. My setting attempts to capture the elusive bubbling of creativity that wells up from the unconscious of Young’s many voices.