Sound Icon Premieres New Chamber Concerto

Last Saturday, Sound Icon gave an amazing premiere of my latest chamber work Flight out of Mind. The work is challenging and Jeffrey Means conducted it beautifully. I’m grateful for my collaboration with this excellent group. Thanks for all involved! To read more about the concert and my piece, here is a wonderful review of the event by the Boston Musical Intelligencer:

“The first movement’s surface-level motives—doppleresque “musical gestures that evoke sensations of flight,” —belied the subtlety of the underlying counterpoint. It was this counterpoint that gracefully drove the movement from an opening with detailed, busy polyphony to a homorhythmic texture over a drone at the electrifying end. This kind of compositional eloquence comes only from a combination of discipline and intuitive formal mastery. After a lighter and ethereal central movement, the finale presented a series of thundering crescendos, the last of which was poetically marked by the gradual decay of an isolated residual tone. In all, the symphonic scale of the piece just seemed to bulge at the restraints that the chamber genre placed upon it.”