Thanks to Eric Hewitt and the Boston Conservatory for a wonderful premiere!

Last Friday, February 22nd, my new work Translucent Windows was premiered by Eric Hewitt and the Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble. It was a joy to work with these excellent musicians. Below, I posted the program note and recording:

The idea of architecture as a metaphor or even a conduit for psychological states is something explored in much great literature. The channeling of these states, for example in Italo Calvino’s short stories The Argentine Ant or Smog, or his seminal work Invisible Cities, brings to my mind the idea of a translucent window: at once a metaphor for the veil or mask, and for the pursuit toward clarity of something outward, something beyond. Perhaps a more specific example is that of stained glass, used to illuminate religious allegory and myth.

Translucent Windows is written for a lean assortment of instruments in the wind ensemble (nine winds, seven brass and two percussionists) so that I can balance large ‘architectural’ sounds with a murmuring, translucent texture.

Translucent Windows

I. Augury

II. Divination